Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prometheus Revisited

To us on the right of the political spectrum, the world is our Prometheus bound to a rock where our eagle swoops down daily to eat his liver, which then grows back in time for the next day’s feast, the liver, of course, being the raw materials and cheap labor that makes it possible for us to maintain our American Dream.

There is one caveat to this gourmet delight: God has a sick sense of humor. Why else would he have given woman both pain in childbirth and a stronger sex drive than the man (This explains the male obsession with the hard-on and his compulsive need to dominate the female. She is a walking putdown.)

God’s joke on America is that Prometheus’s liver never grows back all the way. Each day it is a little smaller than the day before, which is why the eagle is slowly wasting away. God has also blinded the eagle’s handlers. In their hubris they believe the eagle is as strong as ever.

But the eagle is nearing God’s punch line in which it will expend two units of energy just to acquire a single unit of sustenance. Even then, the handlers will remain clueless and will believe that the solution to the weakened eagle is to move on to another organ, not realizing that God has placed an angel with a flaming sword between them and the other organs. That’s what getting kicked out of Eden meant.

Apparently eating from the tree of knowledge taught us nothing.


  1. We ate of the fruit and then chopped down the tree build a brothel...