Friday, March 19, 2010

Leading the Lambs

Truth is inimical to good governance. Were governments to tell the truth, there would be no wars. Without wars, there would be no defense contracts. Without defense contracts, the upward flow of capital would be crippled. Governance is the methodology whereby the peak of the pyramid leads its base into barren pastures the peak markets as the Elysian Fields of paradise.

Actually, governments don’t lie, they simply create alternative truths. One of the fundamental truths they have created is the one that posits that we need a engorged military establishment to rampage across the earth creating enough enemies to justify its existence so money can be sucked out of domestic social programs thus justifying their elimination or reduction.

This upward flow of capital is justified in the name of “fiscal responsibility.” As one writer put it, “[I]t appears to be a code word for delivering public monies into private hands and raising taxes on the already-squeezed middle class. In the parlance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), these are called ‘austerity measures,’ and they are the sorts of this that people are taking to the streets in Greece, Iceland and Latvia to protest. Americans are not taking to the streets only because nobody has told us that is what is being planned.”

Of course they haven’t! And they don’t plan to. Instead, they will execute a Goebbels and repeat “fiscal responsibility” over and over until it is accepted as an absolute truth to which There Is No Alternative (TINA). This is why Obama is the right man in the right place at the right time. He’s so sincere in his prevarications.

So it is that the Pentagon will continue to produce enemies that will call for more money to fight out current enemies while new ones are created, and the flag will be waved and the American people will be called upon to sacrifice so our oligarchs may make the world safe for corporatism while they slash domestic spending so the homeland might prosper.

But not to worry about the drones becoming unruly. Our oligarchs are prepared to spend billions in a public relations campaign to convince the unwashed public that the two-by-four being shoved up its ass is really Liberty’s Torch.

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