Friday, March 26, 2010

A Litany to Our Technocrats

Let us pause to praise America’s legions of technocrats, their lips stained fecal brown from puckering up each time the god of policy and progress farts. Praise all the accountants, lawyers, programmers, marketers, makers of policy, drafters, Scribes and Pharisees with their fossilized souls frozen in the resin of intellectual barrenness.

These are the bravest of the brave who leave their piety tucked beneath church pews as they go forth on Mondays to execute, promulgate and sell. They drape death in silks, hang bangles around her neck, and drown her stench in perfumes. They are the noble maggots recycling human flesh into upticks and point spreads as they sacrifice children on the altar of intellectual property rights to protect the purity of their patents. They prosecute the innocent in the name of security, level homes in the name of commerce; condone poverty in the name of freedom.

How I bathe in the blinding light of their courage and daring, as they enable the imperial Alzheimer’s that drives our foreign and domestic policy. It is they who make torture a virtue. It is they who unravel our safety net and wind it into skeins of noxious capital that is spun by Wall Street into the shroud that covers the carcass that was once our economy. It is they who man the drones that create the terrorists so necessary for what remains of our prosperity.

May our churches dedicate the first Sunday in Advent to their elevation. Honor and lift them up that God may glorify their efforts. Let every congregation join their voices in A Litany to our Technocrats. Honor them, America. For without them we would be a second-rate power known only for the happiness and security of our people instead of the most feared power the world has ever known. It is they who are taking us to the mountain peak where we may leap forth and soar unto the rocks below.

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