Thursday, April 8, 2010

Velvet Prisons

The Corporatist State thrives and prospers by internalizing a polite professionalism in its suburban youth that executes but never questions. The greatest threat to this professionalism is the creative spirit. While the State is represents discipline, the creative spirit represents disorder because the light of this spirit blinds and disorients. Those touched by this light are cast out to wander the back roads of society. The journey gives them a fatal clarity of vision, which could destabilize the State if it ever found expression. All of the institutions of the Corporatist have but one purpose, and that is to serve as a curtain between the masses and the creative spirit.

It is our good fortune that the light of the creative spirit doesn’t stand a chance against the wiles of the Corporatist State. The Corporatist State is a seductress with deep pockets. Some who manifest the spirit end up squandering their talents on the marketing of unnecessary commodities. Others prostitute themselves in an orgy of grant writing, creating to please the grantors even as the clarity of their vision clouds. With each paycheck, with each grant, the light of their spirit is tamed and brought under control.

Unchecked, this light could threaten the state as it comes to view all institutions with a skeptical eye. The result is disrespect for authority. Luckily, the State is able to immunize itself against those few who refuse to conform. For them, drugs and booze snuff their light as they become increasingly self-absorbed. Should they escape these, the State reaches out, embraces their rebellion, and markets it to the masses. Because the State is without meaning, it is infinitely adaptable. It can change its colors to reflect the mood of the day. Nothing distracts a suburban youth from the State’s injustices like bling and a hip-hop wardrobe. This enables the young to “put it to the man” while they master the techniques of polite professionalism that will earn them McMansions and Beemers when they reach maturity.

The State has constructed a velvet prison so beautifully appointed the masses don’t even know it’s a prison.

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