Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black White-Black

Patriotism walks a thin line. It is invaluable for bringing the national bile to a bubble, but doesn’t dare have this passion boil over into a blind worship that is directed towards the Homeland. If too much attention is paid to the object of adulation it is only a matter of time before the defects of the idol come into focus. Were the proles to raise their adoring eyes towards the temple of the Homeland they would soon notice the three running sores on Liberty’s face: Wall Street, the Beltway and the Pentagon. No hatred sears like the hatred directed towards a falling idol.

What is needed is a diversion that redirects their attention outwards towards the void that is the world of the Other. And this diversion is a Manichean worldview. We’re good; they’re bad! With this mindset, one achieves the euphoric serenity of the fool. Manichaeism is the opiate for those who are numb of nut and dead of brain.

A belief in an absolute truth frees an individual from critical thinking, analysis, changing the mind, or admitting mistakes. There’s comfort for the individual in the feeling surrounded on all sides by evil sonsofbitches. It gives life meaning and direction; it justifies the basest impulses. The function of the well-managed State is to glow white in a black and white world. If a person doesn’t glow white, they’re black by definition. There is no room for grey in this manly spectrum.

Under this scheme, the masses can worship the State with impunity if they believe they live in a world surrounded by the forces of darkness. The State can do whatever it pleases as long as it keeps this bright light of blackness at bay. People would much rather be screwed by good than by evil. A pious shaft is a better fit than an impious one. And if they believe in the purity of the State they become willing victims.


  1. When people are convinced that the world can only be seen in terms of black, white and grey(the manly spectrum) they tend to see things in black and white. Grey is just too booring. If they would only see what lies between black and white is the rest of the spectrum (colors). Of course this would upset our ruling oligarks because then we peasants would not be fighting among ourselves, diverting our attention away from their unscrupulous activities.

  2. The colors would also highlight the corruption that is at the core of our oligarchy.