Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Good Friday

God, I love Good Friday! It’s the one day of the year that places a bulwark between Christians and the teachings of Jesus, and in doing so it neuters the faith.

The whole Holy Week thing is an exercise in theological egocentricity in which Christians reaffirm their belief that Jesus died for “Me! Me! Me!” In doing so they reduce His teachings to a petty concern with personal salvation. We have St. Paul to thank for this. He was given the mission to destroy Christianity and he did so by deflecting attention from Jesus’ radical teachings to an obsession with saving our sorry souls.

Personal salvation is the great deadener. Feed the hungry? Clothe the naked? Shelter the homeless? Turn the other cheek? Love thy enemies? These are all secondary considerations to accepting Jesus as our personal Savior. Do that and all we need is a couple of hours in a soup kitchen or a thrift shop and we are being good Christians. This means they will never even consider the structural defects that are keeping the poor hungry, naked and homeless. A hot meal makes it all right with the world.

The best thing is that with their emphasis on personal salvation they will never follow Jesus’ example and drive the moneychangers out of the temple of democracy.

Good Friday rocks!


  1. .....If you go turning the tables of the moneychangers, Pontious Sax will surely crucify you too.

    One can do whatever they like: Lie, cheat, steal, start illegal wars based on lies, sell their own countrymen down the drain for a quick buck, but,
    there is only ONE (1) immutable rule in the world today.
    One rule that is enforced at all costs and is sacred in the oak lined marble halls of power:
    Don't mess with the money!!
    Don't EVER EVER EVER mess with the money!!

    Wealthy reptilians have kids to put through Stanford, Yale and Harvard so that the Oligarchy can continue uninterrupted and into perpetuity.

  2. The problem is that thier "money" is an illusion with nothing of value to back it up, so it can vanish into thin air unlike gold.